Paint and industrial coatings inspection

Pure metals are in an unstable form. The natural tendency of these elements to oxidation and being stable, is a problem all over the world. Expensive expenditure has been spent on studying and research and accidents have occurred due to the oxidation and corrosion of metals. Taking advantage of professional experts, Taradis Tabesh Azma offers consulting and executive services in the field of paint and industrial coatings inspection.

  • Consulting about preparation of paint systems and different kinds of reference standards
  • Consulting about the most suitable methods of paint quality control and how to prepare reports
  • Consulting about selection and buying paint inspection equipment and shipping ways
  • Consulting about paint curing and painting methods
  • Consulting and inspection in the category of surface preparation
  • Inspection and consulting about choosing raw materials for painting and coating
  • Consulting and monitoring of painting processes and industrial coating
  • Technical inspection of coating operation based on international standards
  • Preparation and revision of all instructions for inspection, corrosion and paint coating
  • Preparation of instructions for paint system based on ASTM standard
  • Preparation of professional reports from protection state
  • Design of professional tests of paint quality control
  • Certifying the blasting and painting operation