Registration Process

In Person Registration

Respectable scholar, please before coming to the company, complete the pre-register form and bring all necessary documents.

Not in person Registration

Because of providing comfort for our dear customers, the customers can perform all the registration process through our website. To register through our website, please notice the following tips:

  1. The registration deadline for each course is one week before starting that course. If the candidates deicdes to register after the deadline, it’s necessary to make contact with the education department.
  2. First, complete the pre-registration form.
  3. Announce the receipt number to the education department before the end of the registration deadline.
  4. All the required documents for registration, are received in the first day of the course. We can’t accept a candidate without the completed documents.

The necessary documents

  • 2 photographs of the person
  • The original and copy of the ID Cards
  • A copy of the last degree of education
  • The candidate must pay their fee through the account number: 257110121914641 Bank Pasargad

Withdrawal rules

If the candidates announce their withdrawal 72 hrs before the course start, 30 percent of the fee will be kept and the remaining will be returned or saved for the next course. If the candidate withdraws after the mentioned time, all the price will be reduced.