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Consulting Engineers Technical inspection and testing Taradis radiation (TTA) with the help of Almighty God, in order to improve the quality of education as well as development and promotion of non-destructive testing services, implementation, consulting and technical inspection with the efforts of a group of engineers and technicians in welding field is established and has started its activity. The company’s technical inspection, non-destructive testing, design, consultation, supervision and management of industrial projects and construction, engineering and inspection materials and equipment as well as specialized training and practical nondestructive testing activities. The complex benefits from experienced management staff, knowledge and experienced engineers and modern equipment inspection are just looking to enhance customer satisfaction in line with laws, regulations, standards and other quality requirements. The key to our success adherence to professional ethics, knowledge, experience, creativity and order governing the activities of the company that all its experts, including professionals, skilled, talented and creative in the field of non-destructive testing and welding engineers and has its record in this area are active.

Chart Organizational

So, in order to learn more about the organizational structure of the company’s employees provide customers with consulting engineers and technical inspection Taradis radiation tests, the company’s organizational chart is presented.

Company Quality Policy Taradis radiation test

has started its activities.

The company’s policy is based on engineering capabilities and provide quality services based on national and international standards and regulations are respected employers. Therefore, the management company that implemented the quality management standard based on ISO / IEC 17020: 2013 and improve their processes, fulfill the following objectives:
Ethics, impartiality and independence and attempts to increase trust and satisfaction of employers

Increasing service quality and timely inspection obligations

Draws on expertise with positive moral records and trying to increase their knowledge

Commitment to continuous improvement processes

Commitment to national and international laws and regulations and other requirements related to company activities

Development services companies to increase market share

Motivate, improve the efficiency of staff skills through training and systematic, planned and continuous

The extension of activities related to inspection, through studies and the purchase of equipment

Timely and appropriate follow-up to complaints from customers



Non-destructive testing equipment usual

Advanced non-destructive testing equipment

Other non-destructive testing equipment



The introduction of non-destructive test

Education Courses

School supplies

Technical Services

Technical Services

Industrial projects and research

Technical inspection and welding

Consultation in the field of welding engineering