Characterization and selection of engineering materials

With the advancement of science and technology and the growing importance of energy, the main approach in scientific and industrial research is to find materials and methods which reduce the energy consumption and costs and also to increase the safety and efficiency. So the researches are focused in two main fields. The first is the replacement of common materials with newer materials and the second is the modification and optimization of available materials and methods. To gain such a purpose, especially in industries with advanced technology is only possible by making use of the science of identification and selection of engineering materials. So Taradis Tabesh Azma Company offers research and consultative services in the field of engineering materials optimization and fabrication methods according to the following items:

  • Design and development of production technology of metal and non-metallic parts through reverse engineering
  • Design and selection of appropriate alloy for specific applications and working conditions
  • Optimization of the production process in order to extend the life of industrial components
  • Investigate the causes of damages and estimate the remaining life of parts and industrial components