Welding Inspection

A subject which has always been controversial and has caused a lot of worries, is about the joints which are made through welding processes to construct and integration of the members of metallic structures. Welding experts believe that if the relative standards are applied to design and welded joints operation, there should be no problem according to the mechanical and metallurgical properties in the welded joint behavior. So we can conclude that the main problem in welding is the neglect of related standards. The quality of welding is confirmed when inspection is performed by an educated inspector and the inspection also must be performed before, during and after welding. Taradis Tabesh Azma Company benefits from skillful operators with ASNT, ISO and CSWIP degrees in its projects.

The inspectors of Taradis Tabesh azma use inspection checklists because of their wide range tasks and also to ensure that all the aspects are covered.

Welding inspection stages

  1. Inspection before welding
  • Careful reading of maps and technical characteristics
  • Right choice of operational standards
  • Selection and evaluation of welding method
  • Inspection of consumables
  • Design and adjustment of welding method
  • Controlling the assembly of joints
  • Checking welding equipment
  • Welders and operators performance qualification
  1. Inspection during welding
  • Controlling the basic parameters of welding and matching it up with WPS
  • Preheat inspection and interpass temperature
  • Controlling the interpass cleaning and the layers of welding metal
  • Quality control of gouged surface
  • Inspection of welding sequence
  • Inspection of suitability of consumables
  • Controlling the distortion of welding
  • Observation of NDT methods required during interpass welding
  • Any inspection during operation
  1. Inspection of after welding
  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of deformation due to welding
  • Dimensional inspection
  • NDT inspection
  • Observance after welding if it is required