Welding and soldering

Welding and soldering is one of the most important methods of fabrication in the industry. In welding, the connection is made by local fusion of the surfaces of workpiece and mixing with each other. In soldering, the connection is made by melting a metal with a melting temperature lower than the melting temperature of the core pieces in the place of connection and diffusion of the melt in the pores of the surface. Welding engineering is a combination of science and technique which nowadays is more popular between the experts of different industries and includes various branches of science such as materials science, metallurgy, mechanic, physics, electronic and engineering economics. It is possible to build metal bridges, tanks, marine structures, oil refineries, transfer lines of oil and gas, pressure vessels of power plants, turbines, make connection between advanced materials, electronic industry and dissimilar joints by using advanced methods of welding and soldering technology. According to the important role of welding and soldering in different industries, Taradis Tabesh Azma Company offers the following research activities by taking advantage of experienced engineers and researchers:

  • Welding technology development
  • Control systems and consumables
  • Analysis of welding and fitting structures
  • Welding metallurgy
  • Consultation about the enhancement of the useful life of welded structures
  • Consultation about conventional and advanced NDT methods
  • Simulation of welding operation and analysis of mechanical and thermal properties of fittings by using up to date software
  • Mechanization and automation of welding processes based on energy savings