Corrosion and coating

Corrosion is a chemical or electrochemical reaction between a surface of a material (usually a metal) its surroundings. Given that oxidized materials are in a lower state of energy compared to materials in their normal state, so to reach to a lower energy state, they are oxidized and corroded. Coating is one of the complementarity methods of the surface of the materials which is not only applied to protect the parts, equipment and machineries but also to protect them against corrosion, ultraviolet ray, water diffusion, heat, erosion and chemicals. It can be concluded that corrosion can’t be completely prevented, so the corrosion must be reduced in a rational way. So Taradis Tabesh Azma Company offers the following consultation and research services in the field of corrosion by taking advantage of skillful experts and engineers and applying existing technologies and detailed techniques of corrosion management:

  • Analysis and investigating the reasons for corrosion of industrial parts and engineering structures
  • Technical development of different kinds of protective coatings against erosion or corrosion of industrial parts
  • Selection of suitable engineering materials to build various equipment in the industry to solve the problems of corrosion
  • Consultation about the protection of engineering structures against corrosion and erosion
  • Consultation about installation, adjusting and optimizing the coating lines
  • Advice about making color systems and reference standards
  • Advice about the most suitable method of quality control of paint and how to make reports
  • Advice about selection and purchase the equipment of color inspection
  • Advice about paint curing and methods of applying paint