Corrosion inspection

Corrosion engineering is the use of knowledge and technique or preventing and controlling of the damages due to corrosion, in an economic and safe way. To best perform the duties, the corrosion engineer must be familiar with corrosion principles and prevention, chemical, metallurgical, physical and mechanical properties of materials, corrosion tests, the nature of the corrosive environment, the price of raw materials, the method of fabrication and production, computer and design of the parts. To face the challenges of corrosion, a corrosion engineer has to choose a method to get the best results. By taking advantage of professional engineers, Taradis Tabesh Azma offers consulting and executive services according to the following:

  • Analysis of damages to materials due to corrosion
  • Design, supply, operation, supervision and maintenance of monitoring systems and suitable selection of corrosion inhibitors
  • Troubleshooting anodic and cathodic protective systems
  • Right selection of alloys and resistant to corrosion coatings
  • Preparation of instructions to execute insulation, coating and paint systems