Casting is the process of shaping metals and alloys by solidification, pouring the melt in a mould and then freezing it based on mold cavity.

Casting is the oldest method to gain the suitable shape for metals. Casting is a combination of science, technique, art and industry. Casting advances in terms of science, but the experience and the art of the mold maker are the main factors to manufacture a flawless part. Casting is one of the most important methods of production, because about 50 percent of machinery parts are fabricated by this method. So Taradis Tabesh Azma Company offers consultation and scientific services by taking advantage from experienced and knowledge-based engineers, according to the following:

  • The feasibility of stablishing factories which manufacture steel billet by casting method
  • Investigating the problems of factories which manufacture steel by continuous casting method
  • Providing the technical science of manufacturing parts by casting
  • Observation and inspection and quality control of casting parts
  • Design, simulation, optimization and developing the technology of casting parts
  • Simulation and stress analysis by using known and reputable softwares
  • Preparation of two and three dimensional maps of parts